Our Services


Access the NHS market in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself.


We’ve perfected GP system integration, so you don’t need to invest in specialist development skills.


Just one integration required for access to EMIS, SystmOne and Vision/Cegidim (coming soon)


Our secure FHIR environment allows accurate data to flow safely in both directions between your app and the GP record, giving clinicians complete visibility of patient care.

Entering the NHS market is notoriously difficult, no less so for vendors of digital health and care applications than for any other type of product or service. When you are told that the purchaser has a requirement that your app is integrated with GP records or the Personal Demographics Service (PDS), another barrier is thrown in your path to market.

Integration is time consuming and costly and may well demand resources that you, as an app developer, do not have or cannot access. Building relationships and an understanding the APIs, clinical coding, the requirements of NHS England and the three record system providers (EMIS, TPP and Cegidim) is not easy. And in the end, it is not just about the APIs, it is also about user account management in general practice and the necessary infrastructure. Partnering with experts in the IM1 and Partner APIs, GP record systems and the accreditation and deployment processes may be your best option for speed, value, simplicity and quality.



A next generation, secure desktop application that exercises the comms APIs in EMIS and SystmOne for 2-way communication with your app. We use the IM1 interfaces for SystmOne and Cegedim (coming soon) and the partner interface for EMIS Web and Community. Our customers only have to integrate once with us using a single, simpler secure interface to reach all three GP record Systems. One integration is all you need to do.


Built on top of the new NHS FHIR personal demographics API. The fastest and most cost-effective way to access PDS with a simple quality assurance and accreditation process developed by Xycare and agreed with NHS England.


A powerful web application, integrated with the NHS ODS service, to allow you to onboard and manage your NHS customers and your customers to manage their users of xyClient and xyPDS integrated with your innovative app.


Incorporated in the xyPortal, an O-AUTH2 compliant authentication service, integrated with the NHS Care Identity Service (CIS), supporting Smartcard single sign-on and user self-service account creation.


Full support from our experts to get you through the accreditation process for your app to be integrated with EMIS Web, SystmOne, xyPDS etc. Your SCAL (Supplier Conformance Assessment LIST) will be one of the many, many SCALS we have developed and progressed. You stand to gain from the many lessons we have learnt.

Clinical Consultancy

When needed, helping you understand the workings of the clinical record systems, supported SNOMED CT clinical codes and enabling you to test end to end without the need to be become an expert in multiple GP record systems and their configurations, code mappings and the user interfaces. We also support on clinical risk management.


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